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Oculus SDK for Windows 1.8.0. This release includes performance improvements, memory management fixes, and minor updates. New Features. Oculus now provides a boundary system. When a user gets too close to the edge of the boundary, translucent boundary markers are displayed in a layer that is superimposed over the game or experience. Oculus Rift S . Download and install VR software to a wide range of desktops and laptops. Plug your headset into your PC to configure and customize with ease. Access and browse our top VR titles from your desktop, Oculus mobile app, or while you're in virtual reality. 2. Download Software A good graphics card will allow you to hit higher super sampling rate. I'm at 1.7 on an Oculus Rift, I don't know how that translates to the Index. Anyway I found that 1.5 is enough to remove most of the blockiness and going higher has diminishing returns. I've been playing a lot more since and buying more dlcs. Oculus TrayToolはタスクトレイに常駐してOculus Riftを使う際に便利な機能を提供してくれるユーティリティソフトウェア。 スーパーサンプリングはその中の機能のひとつで、他にもASWの設定(Oculus DebugToolでもできる)やオーディオデバイスの切り替え機能なども ... Your Oculus Rift is capable of turning your PC into a portal to many other worlds, but sometimes those other worlds don't always look as sharp as we'd like them to be. It's a little jarring to go from a super high resolution phone and a super high resolution laptop to a head-mounted display where you can basically see the pixels on the display, but there are ways to improve what you see out of the box. With that said, I turned on afterburner to monitor GPU usage with SLI enabled - both cards were being used in SLI. I was able to use the oculus debug tool for example and turn super sampling crazy high with the 1080's and graphics are muuuch better and run butter smooth. Nov 24, 2017 · The Oculus Rift was, and still very much is, the poster child for virtual reality. Born in Palmer Luckey's garage, the Rift not only rocketed to Kickstarter success but lit the fuse for the big VR ... Supersampling is a brute-force method for overcoming the low resolution of the Vive (or the Rift). In the SteamVr settings, only one of the reprojection options should be checked. Try the Interleaved Reprojection - your application frame rate will drop to 45fps but you'll see synthetic frames in between. You can also use the Oculus Tray Tool, which offers Supersampling options (with profiles for different games) and other nifty stuff. It also saves your settings and can easily be set to run on windows startup. Supersampling is a form of AA (Antialiasing) where the resolution is rendered at a higher resolution than what the Rift can natively display. Some games provide built-in methods to supersample such as Eve Valkyrie. I am buying Rift S and i'd like to know is it somehow possible to set supersampling in the Oculus native app like it is possible to do in SteamVR? Also, does activating DSR in Nvidia control panel enable you to set higher resolution in the VR game like you can on a normal monitor with DSR factors activated? May 15, 2019 · In the Developer tab, modify the Supersampling setting between 0.6 and 2 (0.6 is a low resolution, 2 is very high) Run Twinmotion and launch the VR mode . OCULUS RIFT (WINDOWS only) If the VR doesn't start : Go to Oculus App > Settings > General > Allow apps from unknown sources; To reduce bottlenecks : Aug 02, 2017 · In no-VR context, Pixel Density is a parameter that tell us how many pixels are in an physical length of an image, commonly expressed in pixels per inch or PPI on regular monitors. I realy don´t know why the Oculus guys chose the Pixel Density (PD) term to refers to Super-Sampling(SS), but I thin... Download hundreds of Oculus Rift VR experiences. Step into a new virtual world with downloadable games, apps, entertainment, and more. Play solo or with friends. The Oculus Rift S sits at a crossroads. In one direction is the Oculus Quest, a standalone headset that doesn't require being tethered to a gaming PC, for the same price as the Rift S. In the ... Mar 30, 2016 · The Oculus Rift CV1 Repairability Score: 7 out of 10 (10 is best): Cable management is much improved from the development kits, with a sturdy connector for easy removal. The earpiece speakers are super easily removed thanks to spring connectors. Jul 15, 2017 · Hi Hugo, i aquired a rift lately and found to ways to supersample without SteamVR. 1. Using the Debug Tool from the Oculus SDK download. Oculus Tray Tool (2nd way) The Oculus Tray Tool has been hailed by Oculus Rift owners as an essential to Virtual Reality Hardware machines. Tray Tool is an application that allows users to enable/disable power management settings, super sampling and much more. This amazing tool was created by ApollyonVR. Don't confuse this "super sampling" with resolution. Both the current Rift and FSX are set as far as the number of pixels that can be displayed. All this "density" stuff is ridiculous and utterly non scientific claptrap. Pixels remain where they are and at the same number. They don't somehow increase in certain areas or can be multiplied by ... Virtual spycraft — Defector review on Oculus Rift. By Ron Burke. ... and it’s nothing that a little supersampling on an overpowered video card can’t fix. The feedback on End Space has been excellent. It's been awesome to see so many people picking it up and enjoying it since it's release on the Oculus Rift. Best part of my day is getting emails from people telling me they are having fun with the game and really enjoy it. After a lot of testing I've found the best graphics settings for my PC with Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.4 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1070 and Oculus Rift CV1. With my settings I get constant 45 fps with ASW at all tracks (except Nordschleife) even at race starts. By default and in order to increase the rendering quality on the Oculus Rift development kits, DigiCortex visualization engine will super-sample two times (so, for a 1280x800 target resolution, rendering buffer will be 2560x1600) It is also possible to override supersampling factor by specifying custom supersampling factor with -osfac switch (e ... Sep 26, 2018 · Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive. The Oculus Rift + Touch bundle includes the headset, a pair of hand-tracking controllers, and a pair of desktop IR LED-tracking sensors for $399 after a recent price cut ... Jun 17, 2019 · The Oculus Tray Tool (OTT), developed by ApollyonVR, is an application that takes advantage of developer options and registry tweaks to easily optimize using your Oculus Rift and Rift S. It can save you a lot of time and frustration by enabling a few simple settings. The Oculus Debug Tool (ODT) enables you to view performance or debugging information within your game or experience. It also enables you to tune or configure related parameters, such as the field of view (FOV) size for a mirrored flat-screen view of the VR experience (which could be streamed to an audience in a more comfortable viewing format). Oculus Rift. Gear VR. Help Us Improve. Submit your ideas and suggestions to improve our products. Community Support. Visit the Oculus forums to get help from the ... Jun 27, 2017 · This is my Boost Oculus Rift Graphics (Debug Tool, ASW, FPS) Resolution How to Increase Improve Video Tutorial video where you can see my best tutorials and game clips for the Oculus Rift CV1. A couple months ago I pre-ordered the Oculus Rift VR development kit 2 and felt excited awaiting its arrival. I tweeted, shared in Facebook, and even my kids were excited to know we will soon have such a cool high tech toy coming. I am using the latest version of oculus tray tool (0.70.1), running as admin on an admin account. I try setting super sampling to 1.5 before starting any programs or oculus home/apps. Then I run Elite Dangerous in Steam VR and its totally unchanged. A good graphics card will allow you to hit higher super sampling rate. I'm at 1.7 on an Oculus Rift, I don't know how that translates to the Index. Anyway I found that 1.5 is enough to remove most of the blockiness and going higher has diminishing returns. I've been playing a lot more since and buying more dlcs. I am wondering if supersampling should be a reason to get a gtx 1080. From other people's impressions it seems like it really changes everything and that it is the greatest thing to happen in VR, ever. I have waited for VR for SO long (I was 15 or 16 when I first saw the first Oculus Rift back in 2012, and today I am a 20 years old young man.